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Freshop, Inc. works with independent grocers to bring their in-store experiences into the digital age. We specialize in building custom, store branded websites that easily integrate with your current workflow to support everything from simple list building and inventory searches, to pickup and home delivery.

We provide high-quality service, so you can continue to give customers the best experience possible.




Close the Gap Between Screen and Store

Each component is tailored to your store’s needs and your customer’s desires. From recipes and shopping lists to shopping history and product recommendations, you can keep your customers engaged between trips to the store. Our digital planning solution makes shopping easier, and reinforces your brand and your value with customers.


We work with you and your team to make sure your exceptional service is translated into the digital world.


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What Our Customers Are Saying


“Woods Supermarket is working to meet its customers’ expectations for a digital experience that saves them money and makes shopping more convenient. Freshop’s best in class weekly circular, loyalty integration, seamless digital promotions, list planning and smart recipes gives us the foundation we need. We selected Freshop because it provides us with a broad set of capabilities and a team that understands the unique characteristics of digital grocery.”

–Sam Blaiss

COO, Woods Supermarket

“As a small independent retailer, it was important for us to find a true partner in the retail digital space that could help us connect to our customers. With Freshop as a partner we have been able to grow our presence in this space and provide our customers with the same refreshing retail experience on the web as they get in our stores.”

–Mike Lester

Store Manager, FireLake Discount Foods

“Having the “Groceries To Go” service allows us to be more competitive and responsive to customer demand. The amount of positive feedback we get plus the extra business has been real uplifting to our Big John family. Thank you Freshop for such a great product.”

–Michael M. Pool

Big John Grocery