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Helping Customers Plan Keeps You Deeply Connected

Freshop’s at-home planning solution reinforces your brand and your value with customers, from recipes and shopping lists to shopping history and product recommendations, to keep your customers engaged between trips to the store.

Because shopping lists are such a critical part of the shopping experience, Freshop leverages industry and customer purchase information to aid in list building and provide a smooth transition to shopping.


Maximizing the Shopping Experience for Everyone

Customers are always going to buy groceries. Freshop makes it easier for them while it enables you to strengthen relationships, increase the cart size and share of their spend and promote priority items.

Our team has spent many years working with some of the most innovative supermarkets. All of our experience is built into our product. By improving the grocery planning and shopping experience, Freshop makes you and your customers more valuable to each other.


Leverage Your Point of Sale Data

Freshop builds a bridge between operational and web systems. You can take sales information from the POS to enhance the list building and e-shopping experiences for your customers while pushing information into service and operational systems.

The result is a streamlined workflow and a digital experience that is a natural extension of your operations.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Experts in e-commerce. And they know grocery.


Experience … willingness to listen… and implement solutions that work.


Woods Supermarket is working to meet its customers’ expectations for a digital experience that saves them money and makes shopping more convenient. Freshop’s best in class weekly circular, loyalty integration, seamless digital promotions, list planning and smart recipes gives us the foundation we need. We selected Freshop because it provides us with a broad set of capabilities and a team that understands the unique characteristics of digital grocery.