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Full Product Catalog

  • All products sold in each store are shown unless blocked
  • Rolling 90 day movement to determine if a product in POS is available at the store
  • Regular prices, sales, TPRs, circular pricing
  • User-friendly categorization
  • Tagging (Gluten Free, Local, Store Brand, etc.)
  • Special Tags (age-restricted, WIC/EBT, refrigerated, frozen, seasonal, etc.)
  • Walk Paths (ex. Cheerios = Aisle 3, Cereal, Section 11, Shelf 5, Item 2)
  • Information updated on store’s schedule (hourly, daily, weekly)
  • Overrides available (item suppression, fix a title, upload a new image)
  • Related items (Dannon Fruit at Bottom Strawberry links to all other same-size Dannon Fruit at Bottom)

Product Information

  • Freshop sources images and information from many sources, including Gladson, ItemMaster, Kwikee, wholesalers and manufacturers
  • Product information includes shopper-friendly titles and categories, descriptions, ingredients, nutrition information, tags (ex. Gluten Free, Local, etc.)
  • Our in-house food photographers can shoot thousands of product images a day and we edit down to make them full-white background
  • Freshop’s library includes a full range of product images and data for random weight and produce products, including meat, seafood, deli, bakery, produce, catering, cakes and others

Freshop goes onsite to the store to shoot store-brand, local products and prepared foods that are specific to the store.

CPG Advertising

Stores may opt-in to have CPG’s feature products on the product catalog. Shoppers who add the item to their list or click to view the item generate revenue for the store ($.25 – $.50 is typical). This may be integrated with Digital Coupons and other offers.


People who bought this bought that, related items, and/or related items on sale.


Viewing Cheerios presents store-brand equivalent product. Viewing store brand equivalent does NOT show Cheerios.


Clickable Circular

  • Each store may have a different version
  • ‘Only items carried at the store show, even if part of the offer in other stores
  • UPC level (ex. “Assorted Coke 2 liters, 2/$2) links to all eligible Coke products
  • Grid view and mobile friendly
  • Personalized circular from shopper purchase history and favorites
  • Integration with Digital Coupons
  • May be printed or emailed

List Building

  • Items may be added to lists even if a store does not offer e-commerce
  • Multiple varieties of a single UPC may be added (ex. “4011 All Yellow Bananas” and “4011 Mostly Green Bananas”)
  • Items may be linked with a master (ex. Strawberry pints may have five UPCs, one is marked as primary)
  • Multiple lists may be saved
  • Any list may be activated for checkout
  • Shoppers may check items off list if self-shopping their list in the store for non-ecommerce stores
  • Items may be viewed in walk-path sequence (unique to each store)
  • Lists may be shared or emailed

Multiple Commerce Types

(Pickup, Delivery, Drop-Off, Direct To Home)

  • Pickup (“click and collect”) allows shoppers to order and then pick up their order within a specific window.
  • Delivery allows shoppers to order and have their groceries delivered to a specific address within a specific time window. Deliveries may be limited to certain zips or locations, including “deliver to theses zips in the morning (west of the store) and these in the afternoon (east of the store), allowing more efficient driver management.
  • Drop-off allows shoppers to order and have their groceries brought to a central location for drop-off. Typically used to deliver on a more limited schedule to dense locations like corporate offices, dorms, assisted living facilities and condos.Most are set up for something like “Drop-off available Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:30 PM”, allowing stores to offer a delivery-like service without having a driver taking single orders all day.
  • Direct to Home allows shoppers to order from the full non-perishable catalog from UNFI with mail/UPS shipment (Amazon-like) in white labeled packages. Stores set the prices and cost for each product is UNFI-wholesale minus any monthly TPRs with the store keeping the full margin of price minus wholesale.This price includes picking & packaging. There is a $4.95 flat rate shipping to continental US with shipments from either the Philly/NYC warehouses or California warehouses to speed delivery.
  • Each type may have it’s own rules for each store. (Example is Pickup: 4 hour lead required, pick up from 10 AM to 6 PM in one-hour windows, each window allows up to three orders).
  • Each store may have it’s own rules
  • Options include:
    • Pickup times
    • Max orders allow for a time
    • Lead time required
    • Lead time allowed (how far in advance may orders be placed, typically seven days)
    • Delivery may be limited to zip codes/locations
    • Fee for service (may be changed by time or location, if desired)

Multiple Product Sets

(Regular Products, Quick Orders, Catering, Floral, Cakes)

  • Most products are ‘regular’ and may be ordered using the basic checkout rules (typically four hour lead time, $5 fee)
  • Quick Orders – subs, deli, etc. may have different rules (ex. 20 minute lead time for orders less than $50 consisting ONLY of Quick Order items)
  • Catering – longer lead times, product options including price increases (ex. “Add chicken to your Caesar Salad Platter for $15.00”)
  • Floral and Cakes work similar to Catering with different options


  • Full recipes including recipes from Freshop, your wholesaler or stores may add their own
  • All ingredients may be tied to store-specific products (ex. “4 Chicken Breasts” would tie to stores 20014500000 “Store Brand Chicken Breasts”) and shoppers may add single or all ingredients to their list
  • Elements include title, categories, prep time, cook time, total time, servings, ingredients, instructions, chef’s tips and more.
  • Images for Freshop recipes are provided and may be uploaded by wholesalers or retailers
  • Items that are staples (ex. Salt, pepper, etc.) may be excluded from automatically adding to the list and the shopper is presented the choice

We Offer Many Great Features to Help You With Your Store

ADA Compliant

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has made clear that it interprets the ADA as applicable to websites, and issued an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule making that would amend the language of the ADA to explicitly prohibit discrimination with respect to websites. While there are no specific regulations covering specific ADA compliance for websites Freshop makes a good faith effort to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WGAC 2.0).

PCI Compliant

The PCI standard was created to increase controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud. Achieving and maintaining PCI compliance is the ongoing process Freshop undertakes to ensure your customer’s information is safe and secure. All Credit Card payments to Freshop sites are processed using the store’s Merchant Account (typically via First Data, WorldPay, Stripe or Paypal) and Freshop does not touch or have access to funds or shopper credit card information.

Picker App (iOS/Android)

  • Workflow for one or more stores
  • Orders are presented in need to work order
  • Items on orders are presented in store-specific walk path
  • Reports available for pick times, out of stock items, service level tracking and more
  • Scan UPCs to check off items, including random weight items
  • Integration with hand-held barcode scanners or scanner cases for iOS or Android devices

SEO Optimized

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making a website visible in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results. All Freshop sites are implemented to maximize SEO for all content, including the product catalog and product details.

Responsive Design

All Freshop sites are implemented using responsive design allowing the site to be optimized to each visitor’s device and browser.

Shopper Accounts

Accounts may be standalone or integrated with loyalty platforms. Changes to accounts on the site update other platforms, including email systems.

Single Site / Single Sign On

Freshop integrates with your site, powering the entire digital experience for shoppers. This allows a single login for shoppers, connecting to the site, loyalty platform and other systems.

White-Label Mobile App (iOS/Android)

Shoppers may use the camera to scan barcodes to add to their list or check items off their list while shopping in the store

Digital Coupons

  • YouTech
  • Reach Influence / Inmar

Email Integration

  • MailChimp
  • iContact
  • Emfluence
  • Constant Contact

Fuel Program Integration

  • Centego

Loyalty Integration

  • ProLogic
  • Reach Influence
  • App Card
  • Loyalty lane

Personalized Offers

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