South Dakota Grocer Breaks into Meal Kit Business with Chef Kit

South Dakota Grocer Breaks into Meal Kit Business with Chef Kit


Kessler’s Food and Liquor sells out of Kits in just four days

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – In 96 hours, you could get your pilot’s license, learn a new programming language, or walk from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Aberdeen, South Dakota. There, you’ll find Kessler’s Food and Liquor, where 96 hours was enough to sell out of new, co-branded Chef Kit meal kits.

Kessler’s slogan is “Your Hometown Grocer,” and that’s exactly what they’ve done since opening their doors 75 years ago. The local grocery superstar continues to give back for all that customer support, bringing Aberdeen all the latest trends.

The most recent update brought the meal kit craze to South Dakota. Instead of ordering from subscription-based services, customers can buy Kessler’s-branded Chef Kits, saving money and investing back into the community they love. Customers remark that they’re happy to support local business instead of outsourcing to other meal kit services.

Kessler’s used the power of social media and their customer network, posting on Facebook to announce the arrival of Chef Kits on January 25th. The Facebook post got over 850 likes and has been shared more than 600 times; all six varieties stocked at Kessler’s sold within four days.

Chef Kit makes it easy to cook meals that might otherwise be intimidating, like Chipotle Honey BBQ Salmon with Mango Salsa & Quinoa Salad. These co-branded meal kits provide grocers pre-measured dry ingredients and full recipes--every meal can be made in under 45 minutes. The store adds their own protein and produce to round out the package.

The store also enticed customers with daily sampling sessions in stores--nobody can say no to a free sample. They also conveniently located the Kits near the meat services counter, between prepared desserts and next to liquor, so it’s easy for customers to get a complete menu in just a few minutes. Kits are priced from $14.99 to $21.99 depending on the protein included,  and are perfect for two people. And unlike other meal kits, Chef Kit doesn’t require any subscription so customers get to pick the meals they want without planning ahead, anytime.

That popular Facebook post also promised to give away 10 meal kits to loyal customers who commented with the meal they were most excited to try. Of the six meals available, the top three seemed to be Pecan Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash, Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken over Garlic Cauliflower, and Honey Glazed Salmon.

After selling out of their initial 120 meal kits in just 96 hours, Kessler’s ordered 580 more to meet growing customer demand.

Chef Kit is all about making dinner time more adventurous and fun, without requiring a hefty time commitment. Meals can be made in 45 minutes or less--and they’re never short on flavor. Kits provide pre-measured dry ingredients, just add fresh meat, seafood, produce and other perishables from your store to complete the kit. There’s something for everyone. For more information about Chef Kit, visit our website or contact Brian Moyer, or call (585)738-6035.


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Freshop’s Customized eCommerce Solution Creates Seamless Grocery Shopping Experience For Foodtown Customers