Edwards Launches New Online Grocery Capabilities with Freshop

Edwards Launches New Online Grocery Capabilities with Freshop


Developed by Freshop, Inc., Edwards’ new websites for select Edwards Food Giant and Edwards Cash Saver stores are designed to make the grocery shopping experience easier for customers in 11 of their Arkansas locations.

The new Edwards Food Giant sites include features like:

  • Online shopping

  • List building

  • Full catalog of products

  • Clickable weekly circular

  • Recipes and more.

Edwards Food Giant will also offer click and collect shopping for customers at the Bryant, Little Rock - Cantrell Road, Harrisburg, and Marianna locations. Shoppers can select items from the complete online catalog, pay directly on the site, and schedule a pick up time that’s convenient for them. This service isn’t just for non-perishables -- shoppers can get everything from meats to household supplies at the click of a button. Customers can leave notes for their order picker specifying details as small as their desired banana ripeness.

Edwards promoted their new sites using a mix of new and traditional media to spread the word. They used their Facebook page -- which has over 3,000 likes -- to tease new features like curbside delivery at select Edwards Food Giant locations.

“We used a combination of social media, radio and print advertising to communicate our new online shopping experience. The customers are really excited!” says Rowton.


Freshop, Inc., is the leading online grocery platform based in Rochester, NY. Operating e-commerce sites in over 1,000 stores in more than 40 states and 9 countries, Freshop customers boast a better shopping experience for shoppers. Store branded custom websites and apps gives shoppers a no-fuss experience and grocers an easier way to manage customer satisfaction.


About Freshop

Freshop understands grocery and each tailored solution caters to the unique needs of independent grocers. Freshop offers a comprehensive, customizable, online grocery shopping platform that enables independent grocers of any size to create and extend their in-store experience to an online environment. Our solution enables greater control with a flexible, store-branded platform with complete administrative control for our customers.

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