The Millennial Freshop

The Millennial Freshop

Tips for Reaching this Savvy Online Demographic

Millennials, according to the Wikipedia, are generally marked by increased use and familiarity with communications, media and digital technologies. The way we see it – this demographic possesses a large amount of buying power, and that number will only continue to rise as more millennials find themselves stumbling into adulthood. It’s hard to catch their attention for more than a few seconds – they’ve grown up with a phone in one hand and an eye towards “Bigger and Better” things on the horizon. They are trend setters. But, they are also savvy shoppers who take suggestions from friends and family very seriously, especially when it comes to purchases..

Shaped by technology it’s no wonder this generation is most likely to buy groceries online. With Freshop, independent grocers have the tools to reach this demographic and get an edge on the competition


Loyalty, at a Price

Millennials tend to search around for the lowest prices – whether that be through online ads, weekly circulars, or simply in the aisle at the store. It’s wise to advertise your sales and low prices, as well as free membership cards, as this is one of the best ways to get millennials to come back to your store. Since the financial crisis of 2008, millennials have been more and more conscious of their savings. They want to know they’re getting high quality for the best price possible. Digital coupons, sponsored ads and featured products highly appeal to this demographic. The more information at their fingertips, the better. Freshop offers these features as well as Loyalty integration such as App Card, Loyalty Lane, ProLogic, and Reach Influence.

Timing Promotions

Millennials are known for challenging social norms. While the typical baby boomer tends to shop once a week on the weekends, millennials are more inclined to shop frequently during the week, with more than 30% shopping between Monday and Wednesday. More men than women also avoid the brick and mortar stores and prefer online grocery shopping.

With built-in promotion functionality, in-store promotions based on order totals and fulfillment options can be offered on a moment’s notice. You can set upward and lower limits on cart total promotions and drive incentives to use pick-up versus delivery with reduced fulfillment costs.

List Building Functionality

Although it may be shocking to hear, millennials are keen to make lists before their shopping trips, and at least half of all millennial shoppers make lists only an hour before they shop- tending to buy everything on their lists. With Freshop, you can make it easy for them to compare brands and prices on your website before they even enter your store – that way, they can make their lists with a special eye towards sale items, saving them money and making them more inclined to return. They can add or delete items and even include notes on particular items, as well as share lists via email. This is extremely helpful if someone other than the list builder is picking up an order. Finally, there’s no more recalling a specific item or recreating a similar list from last week, as shoppers can save their lists and quickly recount frequently-bought products with just a few simple clicks.

Social Media

Upwards of 80% of millennials say they get their news from Facebook, with Twitter as a close runner-up. This is also the place they look to engage their friends and family in discussions about anything from politics to the latest technology. It’s a perfect place to let millennials know of your digital presence – they want to click and go, they don’t want to have to search for your website.

These platforms lend themselves well to the most engaging form of advertising: videos. Creating compelling videos will catch the eye of anyone scrolling through their Timeline. You must also be sure to showcase high-quality images of your products in your online catalog to entice buyers even through their screens.

Freshop websites feature a full product catalog and our in-house food photographers can shoot thousands of product images a day. Freshop’s library includes a full range of product images and data for random weight and produces products, including meat, seafood, deli, bakery, produce, catering, cakes and others. Additionally, Freshop supports links with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like. You can get good mileage out of Recipe found on your grocery site and put on Pinterest.


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“We chose Freshop as a partner provider because we know they take into account the entire grocery environment consumers are experiencing,” said Kate Favrow, Corporate Marketing Manager at Associated Wholesale Grocers. “Millennials are especially concerned with an integrated online shopping experience and Freshop provides that.”
Onlining Every Independent Grocer

Onlining Every Independent Grocer

Setting the Path to Success – With the “Freshop for Stores” Picker App

Setting the Path to Success – With the “Freshop for Stores” Picker App