Onlining Every Independent Grocer

Onlining Every Independent Grocer


It’s difficult to watch giants like Amazon and Whole Foods joining forces and not get a bit shaken. Many of the digital platform options like Mercato exist only in major cities, serving a small portion of grocers in the country. It’s hard to imagine an online solution that’s affordable, profitable, and efficient for small-to-medium-sized players.

So, who will help the independent grocer get online? Freshop. Freshop can help the independent grocer not only remain in the game, but be pretty stiff competition. With Freshop, going digital means helping you remove those barriers to entering the online grocery market. We have partners throughout North America in more than 30 states. We’ve heard from the small town grocer in Ohio, and we understand the concerns of your neighbors in Minnesota.

Going Digital To Stay In the Game

Exploring your digitization options doesn’t mean you have to change the entire way you work. Freshop brings you a tailored solution that works within your existing framework, building a bridge between operational and web systems.

One size doesn’t fit all and we know that. You have a full hand in the on-boarding process, from products available to fulfillment/e-commerce options. Not ready for delivery but want to test the waters of same-day pickup? Want clickable weekly ads but also offer same day specials or cart total discounts? Want pay-in-person vs. online payment? That’s your call.

Freshop can build you a completely customized, fully integrated e-commerce site to provide your customers an easy way to shop, schedule, and save. We also recognize that often it’s easier to start small – we can work with you initially to get quality images of your products onto a branded website so shoppers can browse and create lists for their next shopping trip.

Freshop can offer you every aspect of online shopping such as a full product catalog, onsite store branded photography, user-friendly categorization, tagging (gluten free, local, store brand, etc.), list building, clickable circulars, digital coupons, multiple commerce types (pickup, delivery, drop-off…), recipes, and even quick/specialty orders functionality. All of which are scalable and managed by you.


Your workflow can be made more efficient, but the functions will never change – you are still offering customers the tailored, friendly experience they’re used to, but providing them with a more convenient way to shop and save. Not to mention your employees will feel empowered to be part of a new, challenging, centralized store service.

Remembering What’s Important: The Customer

Online shopping shouldn’t be impersonal – and it’s not just for the big city stores. Customized weekly advertisements and sales directed straight to your customers can allow for a smoother, more enjoyable transaction. Even more, a personalized in-store shopper who knows each customer and is engaged throughout the entire process cannot be underestimated.

The human factor is often lost in big box shopping. You can harness that and prove digital doesn’t have to translate into losing touch. Your customers need to feel connected to you now more than ever to remain loyal. As a personal shopper you are in direct contact with your customers on order particulars and changes to provide a more pleasant, satisfying experience overall.

Act Now

Although it may seem dire, it’s the best time to be an indie grocer right now – you have the power to change and shift your plans much faster than the larger players. You understand your customer base better than anyone because you talk to them every day. You are agile and must take advantage of the growing opportunities to serve your shoppers.

Your customers already trust you to carry high-quality products at great prices. Translating that onto a fully integrated website customized to fit store branding and to support expansion can only make their experience better. And for those that prefer to keep things traditional, you can assure them your brick and mortar presence isn’t going anywhere. With Freshop, your brand will strengthen its identity as the one grocery shoppers choose a time and again.

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